My name is Philip Neo, Founder & CEO of BingZi Forex Solutions Pte Ltd.

I have been in the Forex Trading industry  since I graduated from the School of Business Administration (Finance) at the National University of Singapore in 1988 (36 years).

Philip Neo

I spent the first 19 years as a forex trader working in two major American banks, a Swiss bank and a Japanese bank.

My trading experience consisted of the G7, EMS, Crosses, NDFs and Currency Options. After 19 years of active forex trading, I switched role from FX Trader to FX Advisor and joined two major British Private Banks as a Forex Specialist.

My role involved finding creative solutions using currency derivative structures for private banking clients in the following areas:

  1. Asset/Liability  Management
  2. "Deep-Sea Rescue" of distressed FX exposures
  3. Speculative Leverage Margin Trading

These are all executed via the Direct Access Platform whereby clients had to be profiled at the highest risk-ratings. I spent a total of 15 years as a Forex Specialist over these two British Banks. After 34 years of corporate life, I decided that it was time I open a new door for myself by setting up BingZi Forex Solutions Pte Ltd. 

BingZi Forex Solutions Pte Ltd offers the following:

  1. LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney) Services (by invitation only)
  2. Forex Solutions Mastery Academy (for banking professionals)

It is my mission to debunk the notion that Forex is akin to a casino and there is no way one can manage such a random market. 

The Forex Solutions Mastery Academy courses are real-live case studies documented from my rescue work and creative solutions delivered to fulfil my clients' wish-lists. Do check out the social media links below :


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