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“The Art of Low-Risk Forex Trading"

Are you a Family Office or a Private Banking Client who requires creative forex solutions for the following :

  • create steady income streams 
  • mitigate your annual business borrowing cost
  • hedge your business receivables and payables
  • "rescue" a stuck FX exposure 
  • speculative leverage FX Trading
BingZi Forex Solutions can grant you the above wish-list and more.

Backed by 35 years of pro-active forex trading and advisory experience.
(20 years of active Interbank and Proprietary Trading and 15 years of pro-active Private Banking Forex Advisory).

BingZi Forex Solutions provides seamless integrations for all your forex needs ranging from Asset/Liability Management to Speculative Margin Trading.

BingZi Forex Solutions Pte Ltd

LPOA Services Overview

BingZi Forex Solutions' LPOA Services offer a secure and flexible solution for clients who want to leverage the expertise of professional traders to grow their forex portfolios.

Key Features:

1. Limited Authority: 
Clients grant limited power of attorney to authorized traders or money managers, ensuring control and transparency.

2. Expert Management:
Experienced professionals manage clients' forex accounts, utilizing their expertise to maximize returns.

3. Customized Strategies: 
Tailored trading strategies aligned with clients' risk tolerance, goals, and market conditions.

4. Real-time Monitoring: 
Clients receive regular updates and access to their account performance.

5. Risk Management: 
Robust risk management protocols to protect clients' investments.

6. Transparency: 
Clear and detailed reporting, ensuring clients are informed every step of the way.

7. Security: 
Stringent security measures to safeguard clients' accounts and personal information.


1. Expertise: 
Leverage the knowledge and experience of professional traders and money managers.

2. Time-Saving: 
Let experts manage your forex account, freeing up your time for other priorities.

3. Diversification:
Access a range of trading strategies and markets, optimizing your forex portfolio.

4. Risk Reduction: 
Benefit from robust risk management protocols and expert decision-making.

5. Transparency and Control: 
Stay informed and maintain control over your investments.

How it Works:

1. Client Onboarding: 
Clients sign up for LPOA Services and grant limited power of attorney to authorized traders or money managers.

2. Strategy Selection: 
Clients choose from a range of customized trading strategies or work with their designated manager to create a tailored approach.

3. Account Management: 
Authorized traders or money managers execute trades and manage clients' accounts.

4. Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting: 
Clients receive regular updates and performance reports.

The Forex Solutions Mastery Programme (FXMP) is a comprehensive training program designed for Private Banking professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in managing FX risk and generating consistent profits for their clients.

Course Objectives

- Understand the fundamentals of FX markets and risk management

- Learn Delta Margining techniques for optimal profit generation

- Develop strategies for mitigating FX risk and maximizing returns

- Master the art of creating weekly profit runways for clients

Course Outline

- Module 1: FX Market Fundamentals

- Module 2: FX Risk Management Strategies

- Module 3: Delta Margining Techniques

- Module 4: Advanced Profit Generation Strategies

- Module 5: Creating Weekly Profit Runways

- Module 6: Case Studies and Practical Applications

Course Benefits

- Enhance your expertise in FX risk management and profit generation

- Develop a deeper understanding of Delta Margining techniques

- Learn how to create consistent weekly profit runways for clients

- Stay ahead in the competitive Private Banking landscape


This is an introduction to BingZi Forex Solutions forte and expertise in providing creative yet simple and powerful solutions to clients.

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This is a bespoke service offered to Family Office and Private Banking Clients. (By Invitations Only)


FX Solutions Mastery Academy offers application based techniques used on actual cases. Case studies and simple generic solutions will be taught to deliver clients' wish-list.

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